Run away to the vines and immerse yourself in the flavours and aromas of the wines of Utiel at Museo del Vino - Bodega Redonda.

The Region of Valencia is a land of flavours, aromas and traditions, a combination that is defined by contrasts and an archetypically Mediterranean way of cooking. Internationally renowned, the local produce is used to create some of the best olive oils and wines in the world. If you like a glass or two, you’re going to love the wineries in the Region of Valencia, and in particular Museo del Vino-Bodega Redonda.

Located in Utiel, Bodega Redonda is an obligatory stop-off point during your exploration of the wines of Utiel-Requena. The bodega is composed of two buildings - one circular and the other rectangular - that date back to the 19th and 20th centuries. After years of careful renovation, the wineries are still defined by their traditional, family-run and local character. 

The Museo del Vino contains an educational section, comprising different information panels that explain the municipalities contained in the Utiel-Requena Appellation of Origin, the history and origin of the wines in the region, as well as the varieties registered by the regulator of Utiel-Requena Appellation of Origin wines.  

The more sensory part of the museum is on the upper floor, which houses an extensive collection of local Appellation of Origin wines. Here, you can take part in the “senses workshop”, in which you can put your senses to the test, and a guided tasting session

The museum-winery promises an exploration into the world of wine that will immerse you in the traditions and flavours of one of the most highly regarded wine counties in the Region of Valencia. If you’re looking to explore the region through your palate, Museo del Vino - Bodega Redonda is an incredible experience. 

Museo del Vino - Bodega Redonda

Utiel is a charming municipality in the province of Valencia that has kept its traditions, landscapes and products very much alive. It has therefore become a favourite destination among people who are looking to enjoy some nature, peace and quiet, and fine gastronomy.

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