The Arroceria El Caracol Restaurant awaits you with the best of Valencian cuisine

The delights of the Mediterranean diet await you in Peñíscola, where the Arroceria El Caracol Restaurant elaborates them meticulously and serves them to satisfy the diner. Why not you?

A few meters from the revitalizing beaches of Peñíscola, Arrocería El Caracol Restaurant, is stocked with the best Mediterranean specialities and expects you to complete your visit to this beautiful medieval city. Typical dishes with the best of the farm and experienced cooks as a bonus!

El Caracol offers specialities in fish and seafood. If something describes this restaurant, is the freshness of its products, which arrive daily from the fish market. Although the seafood dishes are part of their essence, also the rice dishes and “fideuás” will seduce you.

Visitors have different menus for their needs. In addition to the price diversity, you will taste the best of local cuisine. For example, you can pick between tasty rice with lobster or the classic Peñíscola-style rice "a banda” or monkfish “all i pebre”, the star dish of the house. Whatever you choose, you will be right! That's 100 % guaranteed!

The most important thing is that you feel as if you were in your own home. Chefs cook with love the most natural products and emphasise on your comfort and the best homemade recipes.

Restaurante Arrocería El Caracol

Peñíscola is a beautiful corner of the Region of Valencia, in Castellón. The old town crowns a city full of beautiful and extensive beaches. In the historical area, the walls will transport you to another era. These walls refer to the old fortress of the city, commonly illustrated in books. You will want to return for sure to enjoy its cuisine, its sea and all the attractions!

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