Museo Nino Bravo

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Remember the singer Nino Bravo at the museum dedicated to his life and career.

The village where Nino Bravo spent his early years has created a museum that pays a wonderful homage to his life. Born in Aielo de Malferit, Nino Bravo was popular among his neighbours as he altruistically took it upon himself to look after the village.

Museo Nino Bravo tells the story of the artist’s music career and shares some interesting facts about his personal life. The collection contains audio-visual material, photographs, sound recordings and written documents, in addition to a selection of his outfits, microphone and personal belongings that were donated by his loved ones.

Besides this lovely museum, Aielo de Malferit has a number of other sights for you to explore. There are, for instance, archaeological remains dating back to the Bronze Age and Iberian period, as well as one of the most historic distilleries in Spain. Outside the village, the hiking trails will immerse you in the most stunning scenery. A small village with a lot to offer.