Pilgrimage to The Covalta

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Every year, during one Sunday in the month of May, the city of Albaida holds a pilgrimage to the Covalta (High Cave) in order to honour the statue of the Virgen del Remedio which is to be found in the cave, as if it were blessing the whole of the Valley of Albaida from above. This statue is a smaller sized replica of the Virgen del Remedio. The festivity of the Pilgrimage to the Covalta is organised by the Parish of the Assumption, through the waitress of the Virgen del Remedio, and by the "Virgen del Remedio" Fiesta Commission. Once having reached the cave, the Holy Virgin is praised with a simple prayer, then afterwards one can recover one's strength by drinking the exceedingly refreshing water from the Covalta Fountain, this is then followed by a descent down to the Casa "El Clau" once more, where a Holy Mass is celebrated. At the end of which there is a paella lunch for all those on the Pilgrimage.

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