Muela de Cortes and the Caroig Massif

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Between the Ayora valley, the Navarrés canal and the deep Júcar river canyon lies a vast plateau topped by the Caroig peak at 1,126m. Today's plant covering is composed of mastic trees and kermes oak trees, although there are some interesting evergreen oaks and ash trees. The Fraile, Ludey or Grande river courses are beauty spots that provide habitats for Iberian water turtles. Sites of geological interest are frequent here: volcanic remains on the hill of Agrás (Cofrentes), rock formations called Las Quebradas (Teresa de Cofrentes), the Don Juan cave (Jalance) now open for tourist visits, the Júcar river canyon, etc. There are numerous examples of Neolithic rock shelter paintings, paintings in the La Araña cave and the Moreno ravine can be seen with a local guide (information from the Town Hall of Bicorp, tel. 96 226 9110). Excursions can be made from any of the towns in the Valley of Ayora or the Canal de Navarrés to see the Muela de Cortes and the Caroig massif, which form part of the Muela de Cortes National Hunting Reserve.

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