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Discover an area of natural beauty in the province of Valencia where you can unwind in the midst of beautiful scenery.

Fuente Bellido is an area of natural beauty located in Casas Altas in the province of Valencia. With a total surface area of 1,000 hectares, the area is demarcated to the west by the river Turia and to the east by Sierra Tortajada, the foothills of Javalambre. This combination makes for a diverse landscape with lovely views.

The area was listed a paraje natural municipal - municipal natural landscape - in 2007 due to its great heritage and cultural value. The protected area gets its name from the many fountains (fuente means fountain Spanish) you will come across here. The water stems from underground springs that hold the promise of quality water.

You will also see many examples of dry stone architecture in Fuente Bellido, such as the shelters and the walls of the old cultivation terraces. Lovers of wildlife will be interested to know you might just catch a sight of deer and roe deer as well as wild cats, genets and birds of pretty such as the golden eagle and eagle-owl.

Aleppo pine woodland defines the landscape and there are also terraces hosting olive and almond groves, many of which have been reforested.

There’s an extensive network of well-signposted trails that will take you on an exploration of all the natural wonders of Fuente Bellido. And if you’re looking for a place to spend the day out in the fresh air, Fuente Bellido recreational area with its picnic area is the ideal spot.

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