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Explore Monasterio de Santa María del Puig and discover part of the province of Valencia’s history.

If you are in El Puig de Santa Maria, make sure you find time to visit Monasterio de Santa María del Puig. Declared a Site of Cultural Interest, this Renaissance-style monastery is beautifully conserved.

Monasterio de Santa María del Puig is divided into two distinct areas: the monastery and the church. The church is the most historic of the buildings. It was commissioned by King James I of Aragon in memory of the Virgin and in commemoration of the battle that resulted in the city of València being seized from the Muslims.

The monastery is home to some beautiful spaces: the cloisters, Salón Real, Salón Gótico de Jaume I, which contains a faithful recreation of the King’s sword, and Salón de la Cerámica, which displays a large collection of Roman ceramics. Take your time to wander around and soak up all the history, culture and artistry.

Offering you the opportunity to discover the history of the province of Valencia through its architecture, Monasterio de Santa María del Puig is well worth a visit.

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