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The fair and festivity of San Miguel is the main celebration in Llíria. The origin dates back to 1326, when King James II founded the monastery. It became official in 1446, when the fair was instructed by King John II to economically boost the villa. In the nineteenth century, it was recognized as a main religious festival. It takes place during the second half of September and ends on day 30, the day after the day of San Miguel. During these days, the Town Council programs several events, as well as entertainment and cultural events for residents and visitors to enjoy the celebration. One of the main events is the walk up to the monastery which, during that time, is filled with stalls of catkins and candles used by pilgrims to bless the archangel. Also noteworthy is the fairground, where items like traditional 'gaiatos', candies and sweets are sold. Among the numerous leisure activities on these days, you will find the trade fair and producer's market, the contest of decorated streets, Valencian ball, shooting and dragging, carriage rides, concerts of popular music, theatre, dance, 'mascletaes' in the main square, and fireworks. The most important religious events are the "Baixà" of 28 September, when the effigy of San Miguel is taken down from the monastery to the church of the Assumption; a Mass, a parade and a procession on the main celebration day, 29 September; and the coming back of the Archangel's effigy to the monastery, on 30 September.
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Día 29, fiesta laboral local

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