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Step inside Museo Silvestre de Edeta and discover the great legacy of the prestigious 20th century Valencian artist Manuel Silvestre.
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Llíria is committed to keeping the town’s traditions, culture and heritage alive. Museo Silvestre de Edeta was thus built to pay homage to the town’s famous sculptor, Manuel Silvestre Montesinos, who was one of the most prestigious 20th century Valencian artists and one of the town’s most famous citizens.

The museum is housed in Ca la Vila Vella, a Gothic building dating back to the 14th century. In the past it was used as a council and jury chamber, until the new town hall building, Ayuntamiento de Ca la Vila, was built.

Inside Museo Silvestre de Edeta you will discover over a hundred sculptures, drawings and paintings by the artist. The collections keep the artistry of the great man alive, ensuring that his name and work will never fall into oblivion. One of Manuel Silvestre Montesinos’ most famous works is the fountain in València’s Plaza de la Virgen.

If you want to find out more, come along to the museum to discover the artist’s impressive legacy that puts Llíria on the map.