The project in which this stroll is framed denominates "North Viewpoint" and it has been made by means of three factories of use: "Stroll of l'Horta", "Viewpoint of the Turia" and "Les Simetes".

In the Stroll of L'horta it is possible to be taken a walk by a natural circuit of almost two kilometers in length very near the population and with two alternatives: the stroll of the covered drain or the stroll by the Túria's river through footpaths, constituting a both joint option.

Throughout the stroll, inclines have been placed to allow the access to people with difficulties, sources, banks and ampler zones have been created where to play "petanca", or simply to seat to contemplate the orchard.

In the river, the footpaths constitute a surprising itinerary by the possibilities that offer to enjoy and to contemplate great number of birds and landscapes of great beauty.

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