Moors and Christians Festivity in Oliva

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Oliva is one of the municipalities of the Valencian Community that lives with great intensity the Moors and Christian festivities, which commemorate the struggles between the two forces for the territory. One of the most distinguished acts of the festive week is the ‘ Day of the Entry ’ which is celebrated on the Friday. The captains, ambassadors and standard-bearers, along with other festive protagonists, parade in sensational costumes, and provide an exceptional spectacle of colour and music. Later the disembarkation is represented with the landing of the Moorish Emissary whilst the Christians wait on the coast where the battle is interpreted with fireworks. On Saturday evening a curious spectacle takes place, a living chess game is disputed between the two armies. The last of the representations is the " Reconquest of the Castle " on behalf of the Christians who fight to re-conquer the castle. The struggles finish on Sunday with the ‘ Day of the Brotherhood ’ and a great parade.

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