Ontinyent: Aceite, Vino y Embutido

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Discover the world of artisanal gastronomy and taste its delights in the form of olive oil, wine and charcuterie.

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This guided tour gives you the wonderful opportunity to taste a number of different traditional products from in and around Ontinyent. Accompanied by Turiart, you will visit Cooperativa Vinícola Onteniense, where you will discover how olive oil is made, taste delicious wines in a local winery and then dig into some delicious plates of charcuterie featuring local delights such as embutidos, longaniza, morcilla, fuet, salchicha, sobrasada and more. To conclude this gastronomic experience, you will take a cultural tour around the historic centre of Ontinyent. So what are you waiting for? Book your tour now.

*Please confirm event times and dates have not changed.