2-day horseback riding excursion through Macizo del Caroig

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Precio: 466.0 € Incluye estancia
Day 1: We will enjoy this day of a horse ride through the Caroig Mountain Range in Quesa. The Moors, who were its founders, called it Queixen, which means 'town hit by west winds'. After the conquest, in 1248, it passed into the domain of D. Jaime, calling itself Quesa. Its typical Mediterranean forests with pines and low scrub mainly, have served as livelihood for the inhabitants of this area. We will walk along forest tracks and agricultural roads until we reach the refuge where we will take a short break and continue our descent to the tail of the Escalona reservoir.
Day 2: On this day we will visit a special area of the Municipal District of Quesa, 'The pools', an area where natural pools of Rio Grande water occur in the form of a waterfall, with proper names such as Charco de la Horteta, Charco The Fountain, the Bathtub and the Charco del Chorro. To continue with a horse ride in the surroundings and close the day.
Price for groups of 4 to 8 people with accommodation in rural hotel weekend. Duration: 2 days. Possibility of bringing your own horse.
#Servicios incluidos
Bilingual equestrian guide.
Typical luch of Quesa.
Equestrian breakfast.
Horses for the ride.
Rural hotel accommodation.
Lunch and dinner both days.
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216.0 €
Price for one person for a group of 4 people with own horse.
234.0 €
Price for one person for a group of 5 people with own horse.
219.0 €
Price for one person for a group of 6 to 8 people with own horse.
478.0 €
Price for one person for a group of 5 people.
439.0 €
Price for one person for a group of 6 to 8 people.