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La Llar dels Déus

Precio: 55.0 €
Interpretive tour through the archaeological sites Vía del Pórtico and Domus dels Peixos guided by La Llar dels Déus. This tour will take us into the customs of public and private life in Roman Sagvntvm and into its gastronomy. We will become authentic Romans through the clothing, makeup and hairdressing workshops of the Historical Reenactment Association Sagvntvm Avgvsta.
We will end this experience by tasting an exquisite menu cooked by expert chefs following Apicius' ancient Roman recipes and using products reconstructed by archaeologists, ethnologists and scientists: Flor de garum, Columela Caseus and Baetica wines.
Mínimum 15 people. Prior booking is required.


Disponible todo el año


Semana santa Lunes, puente 9 octubre

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Interpretive tour.
Entrance to archaeological sites.
Activities: workshops and reenactment.
Roman menu.