The Parish Church of el Salvador

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The Temple, is composed in a primitive Gothic style. Construction began in the XIII century when Jaime I gave orders to Dionysus de San Feliu to repopulate the Murviedro suburb and to build the temple. It consists of a short but wide single Nave with several chapels on its sides. There is single Romanesque facade at the foot, with a rounded arch, and light penetrates through a large pointed arch window. The apse is polygonal with a “crucería” vault. The bell-tower has a rectangular base, with two unequal masonry bodies. In the archaeological investigations that have been carried out in its interior, the foundations of an earlier church have been found, possibly the church of San Juan, which was ordered to be built by “el Cid”. At lower levels remains from the Roman epoch have been found which have been used in the later re-constructions of the temple. Proposed National Monument.

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