Parish Church of la Mare de Déu dels Angels

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This building was designed by Francisco Pechuán following the 18th century neoclassic style. The one-nave church has pilasters, mid-point arches and mid-barrel vault in the central nave. The crossing naves, altar and chapels (communicated by small arches that make them independent) are covered with a pendentive vault The Dome stands over the crossing on four baganas in which four biblical heroines are represented. The chorus, over a segmental arch, is located at the end of the central nave. The Bell tower has two parts and the steeple with four bells, a small one and a matraca (rattle bell). The Camarín, or small chamber, is located behind the main altar, is the old tabernacle, inaugurated in 1981. The space is rectangular and covered by a mind-barrel dome over four baganas (in which the coat of arms of Valencia and Serra, Jesus and Mary are represented). Among all the works of art located in the church, the retables of Roig D’Alós, the sculptures of Dies y Tarazona, V. Rodilla and Dies López and ceramics from the 19th century outstand. Open before and after mass (celebrated form Monday to Saturday at 7pm)

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