Fiesta de San Blas

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On the 3 February, the village of Siete Aguas celebrates the festival of San Blas. A festival that dates back to the eighteenth century, when this saint appeared to a family of Siete Aguas and healed them a son who was about to die. From that moment on, the people of Siete Aguas profess a great devotion for the Saint. This day is celebrated with a pilgrimage to the holy shrine that bears his name. There, rolls and 'mangranas', typical sweets of that day, are blessed. Later on, the oil is blesses, which shall be smeared in the throats of every neighbors while praying: "Blessed San Blas shall save your throat and appetite." Aterwards, all groups and clubs of the town gather to eat the traditional "zorda", a stew made with rabbit, chicken and rice.