Mostra Internacional de MIM a Sueca

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The International Mime Exhibition of Sueca (MIM) is dedicated specifically to exhibit hall theatre shows and street theatre in which the gesture, gestures, mimics, body and movement are the main artistic element of the show and the most important communication channel with the public. In each of the annual editions of the festival, nearly every stage possibility offered by the theatre of gesture has been presented: the Greco-Roman pantomime theatre revisited, the French pantomime of the 18th century, 'commedia dell'arte', 'clowns' works... up to the most innovative, cutting-edge, original and contemporary proposals by national and international companies of theatre. The International Mime Exhibition in Sueca has managed to combine exhibitions for the general public with an interesting and formative educational program, and therefore courses and lectures aimed at professionals in the performing arts are scheduled. This is one of the most important festivals of gesture in Spain, with over 22,000 spectators in each of its last editions. The festival is held on the third week of September in the town of Sueca and it display shows performed indoors as much as in open spaces, streets and squares of the city.

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