Festividad de Las Cortesías

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This is a ritual repeated every Easter Sunday. That year, the guys that come of age, the former fifth that went to military service, take out the banners of the ancient guilds and brotherhoods of Titagua to bowing in front of the figure of Christ the Savior. The Cortesísn takes place in front of the facade of the church of the Savior. The young men show their strength and temper during this celebration, setting the pace to the beat of the music along the route bowing to Christ with huge banners, and the strongest and most skillful is privileged to revere the largest flag. This route is marked by the fifth the night before with paintings in white and blue colors, the allegorical colors of the Virgin, and pine trees placed at the sides. The celebration ends with the revered passage of the Virgin loaded by the fifths going to meet Christ.