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Situated at 1,900 m. above sea level at the foot of Sierra Negrete at 12 km. from Utiel, in a unique landscape between dense pine groves, where the Virgen del Remedio, the patron saint and honorary mayoress of the town, is venerated. The building dates back to 1564, although work continued afterwards without interruption until our own day. Inside, the triptych Adoración de los Reyes Magos (The Adoration of the Three Wise Men) by Vicente Macip is kept. The church is of Baroque style with interesting Manises tiling from the 17th century. Behind the altar there is the beautiful Camarín de la Vírgen, with fresco paintings by Felipe Navarro. The cloister, of robust stone walls, the votive offering room, the crypt where the body of Juan de Argés, the first hermit, lies, the ascent to the apparition and the simple contemplation of the building itself, of its surroundings and the landscape, are elements enough to make this an obligatory visit.