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The ruins of the Almoina serve as proof of the grandeur that the city of Valencia enjoyed in the past, and how it developed and grew. The general layout of the ruins can be organized chronologically. In the centre of the site, where the baths are, is the area that can be considered as republican. On the western side are those elements that belonged to the time of the Roman Empire, such as the forum and the curia. To the south are the ruins of the Visigoth period that are made up of the episcopal area and that where people suffered martyrdom. Finally, on the eastern side of the site are finds that belong to the Moorish period. Excavations have been carried out over the whole of the 2500 square metre area, in which documentary material, architectural items and a great quantity of objects such as coins and pieces of ceramic have all been extracted, and which now go to form part of Valencia's archaeological patrimony.

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