Royal Seminary College Of The Corpus Christi Or The Patriarca

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The Corpus Christi College was originally built as a seminary. Intersting are, on its somewhat austere façade, the half-arches with which it is crowned, and the large window of the chapel choir. Inside, most of the frescos are dedicated to the two Saint Vicents, whilst over the altar, there is a beautiful "Last Supper" by Ribalta.
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Lunes a viernes: 10:00 h (excepto jueves) – 11:00 h. – 12:00 h. – 12:30 h. – 17:00 h. – 18:00 h. Sábados: 11:00 h. – 12:00 h. – 12:30 h. Cerrado en domingos y festivos.