The bridges of the river Turia

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A whole series of old bridges lies across the gardens of the former Turia river-bed. They are built of robust stone, and are narrow, elegant and adorned with shelters and niches for the saints. They are the bridges of San José and of Serranos from XVI century; of la Trinidad from XV century with statues of San Luis Bertrán and San Juan de Villanueva; of el Real, which had to be crossed to get to the old Royal Palace, from XVI century and which has two stone shelters dedicated to San Vicente Ferrer and to the Virgin de los Desamparados. Until XX century when the Aragón and Angel Custodio bridges were built, the Real bridge served as the access road to the sea. Between this bridge and the Mar bridge, the modern Exhibition bridge now stands, designed by Santiago Calatrava. And the most recent in construction and design are the Artes and the Flores bridges.