The Botanical Garden

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Open every day:
November to February, from 10 to 18 h.
March and October, from 10 to 19 h.
April and September, from 10 to 20 h.
May to August, from 10 to 21 h

The Botanical Garden, which depends on the University of Valencia, started off in XVI century as a country garden in which botany classes were given. The piece of land has lived through different situations over the centuries, but in 1829, under the management of the university professor Félix Pizcueta, it started to develop rapidly as an important nature centre. Pizcueta improved the plant collections and worked on the problem of the acclimatization of exotic plants. Due to this, the installations were extended into the area known as la Pechina where a greenhouse was built. There are at the present time over three thousand species of the vegetable variety from the five continents, with one of the largest collections of palm-trees and tropical plants to be found, along with cacti and species at home in the desert. In recent years, an important research and teaching programme has been implemented in the centre.