Guided tour of Xàtiva

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Precio: 8.5 €
Spend a morning discovering the second largest historical center in Valencia, in an easy and entertaining way.
Almost going from fountain to fountain we will walk through the narrow streets of Xàtiva until we find ourselves inside the Collegiate Church of Santa María talking about the Borja popes, native to the city. On this guided tour we will enter the Corpus museum to meet some giants and the museum of Fine Arts, where we will find King Felipe V punished upside down for trying to destroy the city.
Before the end of the visit we will walk through the Market Square and know the traditional cuisine, and we can not forget to enter the Almodí Museum to walk through the Roman village of Cornelius.
Price for retirees: € 7.
Price for youngsters from 10 to 18 years old: € 4.
Price for children from 5 to 9 years old: € 3.


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Guided tour of Xàtiva.

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8.0 €
Guided tour to the Castle of Xàtiva.