The district of l'Alcalaten and La Plana basically has two kinds of scenery. Narrow valleys lie between the folds of the mountains, where unirrigated croplands and small market gardens have been eked out of the slopes, with the occasional mountain spring or waterwheel-driven well quenching the land's thirst. Apart from this, there are dry mountains slopes leading sheer up to the lofty level of the Penyagolosa. Vegetation has adapted to diverse climatic conditions and eco-systems, with small dense woodlands clustering along valley streams, Aleppo pine forests, Faginea oaks and wild pines on the slopes of Penyagolosa, and Spanish juniper on the moorlands. These rugged heights are home to a number of birds of prey, such as the short-toed eagle, the goshawk, the booted eagle, the peregrine, and others. Among the larger animals are a few hard-tofind mountain goats inhabiting the Montlleó river canyon.
From l'Alcora to Sarratella, visiting Figuerolas, Lucena del Cid, Costur, Les Useres, Atzeneta, Benafigos, Vistabella del Maestrazgo, La Pobla Tornesa, Vilafamés, Vall d'Alba, Cabanes, Benlloch, Sierra Engarceran and Vilanova de Alcolea.