La Calderona

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Covered in woods, crisscrossed by gullies that force the footpaths up and down, and sprinkled with a number of springs and fountains (Llentiscle, Vella, Sentig, Berro, Poll, Saladilla, Sant Antoni, Prunera, Umbría, Gota and Sapo), the terrain offers the traveller countless alternatives: quiet, welcoming holiday villages hidden in the mountains; trails for hiking, riding or mountain biking; peaks and cliffs for the more adventurous to scale. Photography fans can shoot close-ups of rare insect and plant species, only to be found in the neighbourhood, or panoramic views of the magnificent scenery from lookout points such as the Picaio promontory or the peaks of Gorgo, Penya-roja, Moratilla, Garbí or Rebalsadors, which are the highest summits in the area. Because it is so close to the coast, short trips can also be made to the beaches in Valencia or Castellón.


From Gilet to La Pobla de Vallbona, visiting Segart, Albalat dels Tarongers, Estivella, Serra, Cartuja de Porta Coeli, Náquera, Bétera, Gátova, Casinos, Llíria, Benaguasil or Benisanó.