Fortress church dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel, one of the holy warriors of Christian iconography. Curiously, of the three warrior saints worshipped in Valencia - Saint George, Saint Michael and Saint Sebastian- two are depicted here in Murla.

And it is because Murla is a town that has been sought on all sides, from the beginnings of the Christian conquest of King James I and the Al- Azraq revolts up until the revolt and expulsion of the Moors in 1609.

Fortress churches appear throughout the region as a contribution to defence and surveillance in places that require greater protection.

In addition to this strategic, military and political position of Murla, there is another issue. The mysterious Pop Castle, with no known remains, which according to many 17 th century-documents was located on the Penyó del Caballo Verde, but which other authors such as S. Giner would hypothetically place in this church. The bells were rung "a rebato" (emergency call) on several occasions to warn of the imminent danger and so that the town would take cover.

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