The new wash-house in Murla, located next to the fountain, has been renovated several times over the years, the last modification taking place in 1997, leaving some of the traditional parts of a laundry room unrecognisable.

This was the female meeting place and the time for recreation, in fact it was the place where most of the town gossip took place. A good example of how we use a typical Valencian expression "hacer safareig" (to gossip) found in Castilian is: " No lo digas a nadie, porque la gente rápidamente hace safareig" ("Don't tell anyone, because people are quick to gossip").

There were a number of unwritten rules in the wash-house, all of which were respected equally and thus ensured the smooth running of the facility: the woman were distributed on two sides of the wash basin. On one side were the woman who would use soap and bleach and on the other thouse who would rinse the clothes. Because of this, and through use of different conduits, the bleach-soaked water remained separate from the clean water.

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