We have before us a thousand-year legacy, that of Muscat grapes from Alexandria, which conquered the world.

The "L'escaldà" tradition dates back to the Romans and in the nineteenth century these precious raising were exported to Europe and North America.
We have been left the “Riuraus”, the raisin cathedrals, which are unique buildings, as well as the landscape and historical heritage, which we invite you to discover.
Discover a new world
Riuraus are a kind of secular cathedrals that can only be admired in a rural environment. The world of raisins and riuraus has been painted by the great Spanish artist Sorolla, has been sung about by the most important Valencian poet, Vicent Andrés Estellés, has been discussed by the splendid essayist Almela i Vives; Baeschlin, the Lamberts, and by many many artists and intellectuals which have included the world of riuraus in their work. Moreover, raisins have been the modus vivendi of a good part of the population around Valencia for over two centuries. So we are talking about a rural industry of prime importance, in not only economically but also artisticly, being a source of inspiration for major artists. Consequently, we think that, at present time, those curious tourists, those travelers looking authentic feelings, those sensitive visitors, those intellectuals interested in cultural developments, and all those who come to the Marina Alta seeking sun, sand, food, culture, entertainment, traditions and intense life, could certainly also fall in love with our riuraus too; if you like to find out, you just have to open all your senses, and embark on this adventure


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The Riuraus route
The Riuraus route