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Simple irresistible proposals! With the nautical tourism, learn the more traditional trades and immerse yourself in the universe of literature and culture

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Travel proposals

Pelayo Gastro Trinquet, a charming place

An incomparable setting for a unique dining experience. Its kitchen pays tribute to the roots and tradition. It is an immersion into the world of the "pilota valenciana", the Trinquet, and its myths and customs.

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Discover the Costa Blanca aboard EMBAT Experience

Cliffs, coves, blue waters, the perfect company … Who has never dreamed of a cruise aboard a fantastic boat? Embat Experience offers you the opportunity to make your dream come true. Get ready for an experience at sea, as you had never before imagined.

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The Mas de la Segarra, the inn five-centuries-old

Do you need to get out from your routine? If you are preparing a getaway to disconnect from your everyday routine and load your energy, this proposal is for you. A stay in the rural house Mas de la Segarra is, moreover, a perfect plan for the whole family.

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Dozens of webcams have been installed throughout the Region of Valencia in order to allow you to learn more and admire the landscapes of this region from a distance and from the comfort of our webpage. Do you wish to know what a beach is like at any given moment? How many people there are in the town square? Come to us, we are your best set of eyes.

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Get to know us


One of the most amazing coastal municipalities of the province of Castellón. It preserves more than 6 km of virgin beaches, making of the village the perfect place for a holiday of sea and sun with complete peace of mind. History, Heritage, beaches, natural parks and a huge village to enjoy all kind of activities in full nature.

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Here and Now

Dénia, pure passion for the sea

Do you like the sea? Dénia lives and feels the sea with great force. Once again this year with the celebration of the 11th Salon Náutico. A perfect opportunity to discover plenty of things about water sports and everything surrounding them in a unique place.

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The Trobà, an encounter with the past

One more year, "La Trobà" is held in Oropesa del Mar to show us the trades, customs, traditions and the most interesting products at a fair full of activities for all ages: exhibitions, parades, workshops, performances… three days of a perfect family plan where music and theatre will play a very important role.

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The “Fira del Llibre”, a feast of books and culture for all ages

Are you preparing a trip to Valencia? Note this plan down! The great literary yearly event comes again to the city. From 26th April to 6th May, the great classics, recent releases and the most treasured rarities will gather in the Gardens of Viveros in an authentic festival of art, literature and entertainment.

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