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Keep still, hush your voice and look to the sky. Birding is an excellent pastime that you can enjoy to the max in the Region of Valencia. Discover some of the best birdwatching spots in the area.

The Region of Valencia is full of natural landscapes that are teeming with wildlife. Among the many creatures you can see are birds, which populate the wetlands and fly through the blue skies. You can spot all sorts of varieties in the area, making the Region an exceptional destination for birding

You will find yourself ticking species off your lists, some of which are easy to spot and others less so. In this post, we’re going to give you an overview of the very many places where you can watch birds go about their daily business in the three provinces of the Region of Valencia. Get your binoculars at the ready. 

Birding in the province of Castellón

We’re going to start our exploration of some of the best birding spots in the province of Castellón at Sierra de Espadán, a natural park that species like short-toed snake, booted and Bonelli’s eagles call home. You can also see long-eared and eagle owls as well as birds of prey such as tawny owls and goshawks

At the province of Castellón’s beautiful beaches, cliffs and wetlands, such as Estanys de Almenara, you might just be lucky enough to spot nesting and migratory birds. Come and see the birds in the wild and be blown away by their beauty. 

Birding in the province of Valencia

The province of Valencia is a wonderful birding destination in the Region of Valencia. Albufera natural park, in particular, is a place to put on your to-visit list. Just a stone’s throw from València city, this spectacular wetland is home to areas that have been designed to preserve the equilibrium of the lake. Over time, these have become nature reserves. 

Other great birding spots include Tancat de Milia in Sollana, a place where you will find white-headed ducks, marbled ducks, red-knobbed coots, ferruginous ducks and more. Don’t miss the opportunity to see these species for yourself. 

Birding in the province of Alicante

Next on our list of the best birding spots in the Region of Valencia is the province of Alicante. El Montgó, a mountain sitting on the coast, is a great place to see peregrine falcons and other species sweeping majestically through the skies. 

El Hondo is another place for your to-visit list. A number of birding companies operate in the natural park, taking you on an adventure to see species such as purple herons, cattle egrets, red-crested pochards and seagulls. And lastly, on this list at least, we’d recommend visiting La Font Roja and Serra de Mariola in the winter months to spot vultures

So how about it? Start preparing your birding getaway in the Region of Valencia to spot all sorts of incredible species. 

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