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The Valencian coastline is nothing short of paradise for lovers of the sea. Whatever you fancy doing - from sailing, surfing and kayaking to diving, coasteering and flyboarding - you will have a great time in the beautiful seascapes of the Region of Valencia.

Imagine a place with 600km of coastline, 30 sailing destinations and 50 ports and marinas. Sounds great, right? The Region of Valencia is the ideal area to enjoy all sorts of sports and activities in and on the Mediterranean. From the marinas lining the provinces of Castellón, Valencia and Alicante to exciting sports such as snorkelling, kitesurfing, windsurfing and even jet skiing, this is a destination like no other. 

If you’re looking for something a little less high-octane, there is no shortage of leisurely experiences for you to choose from. Feel the sea breeze on your face as you sail out to Tabarca island, sit down to a paella aboard a catamaran in València and visit Illa Grossa, the only inhabited islet in the Columbretes archipelago. Whatever you fancy doing, you’ll find the perfect way to enjoy the wonders of the sea. 

Ports and marinas in the province of Castellón

The province of Castellón offers plenty of options if you are keen to make the most of the waters of the Mediterranean. Real Club Náutico Castelló, for example, is a sailing club that hosts a number of competitions, namely the Costa Azahar regatta, a test that is part of Campeonato de España de Cruceros. Throughout the year, you can enjoy different water sports here, as well as learn how to sail at the authorised sailing school which offers classes and courses for all levels. 

Kayak Club Náutico Oropesa del Mar is a great option if you are keen to paddle your way through the waters. Here you can hop into a canoe or kayak and start your exploration of wonders of the Castellón coastline. 

A little bit further up the coast, you will find Club Náutico Vinaròs. The sailing club has four jetties that can moor boats that are up to 15m long. The clubhouse also has an excellent restaurant where you can sit down and savour the town’s most famous product: langoustine. Absolutely delicious. 

If you’re interested in learning how to sail a dinghy or learn the techniques for any other type of water sport, there’s no better place than Escola de la Mar Burriana. Every year, the school teaches over 3,000 students, casting you off into the Burriana sea so you can enjoy feeling the sea breeze blow through your hair

Ports and marinas in the province of Valencia

Straddling the border between the provinces of Valencia and Castellón, Club Náutico Canet d’en Berenguer is a great place to take sailing classes during the summer months. Hop on board and launch into the seas on an exploration of this beautiful seaside destination. If you’re keen to try something new, in Canet d’en Berenguer - and other locations up and down the Valencian coastline - you can try your hand at paddle boarding. Harness your concentration, find your balance and discover the pure joy of gliding over the Mediterranean. 

Marina de València is another incredible spot. The city’s old port has been transformed into a public space that is a generous million metres squared. This is a place where innovation and a love for the sea come together, a place where you can enjoy culture, sport and - most importantly - the Mediterranean. Marina de València is home to a number of schools where you can work on your water sport skills. You can go surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkelling and even jet skiing, whizzing you across the waters at speed. This is the opportunity you’ve been looking for to be at one with the sea. 

If you’re keen to do some kayaking or canoeing, Club de Piragüismo de Cullera is the club you’re looking for. Sitting on the bank of the river Júcar, the club has a great reputation for its quality classes and activities. The perfect place to make your debut in the sport or refine your skills. 

Ports and marinas in the province of Alicante

Arguably best known for its stunning coastline, Alicante will wow you with views from the sea. Altea Vela is a great choice if you want to enjoy cruising the waters of the Mediterranean. The club has a school where you can learn how to sail and also offers sailing boat charter (with or without a skipper) so you can explore the crystalline waters, and paradise beaches and coves lining the Costa Blanca all year round. 

If diving is more of your thing, Aquaventura Escuela de Buceo is for you. Highly qualified instructors will accompany you on an underwater adventure, taking you to the most extraordinary places where you can see all the wonders that lie beneath the surface

Club Náutico Alicante Costa Blanca is another sailing club located in the province. The club has incredible facilities where you can enjoy different activities or take classes to perfect your sailing skills. An absolutely stunning place to soak up all the wonders of the Mediterranean. 

And this is just the start of everything you will find in the Region of Valencia. Breathe in the Mediterranean in all its glory, enjoy every minute in and on the water and make incredible memories. The Valencian coastline awaits. 



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