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Visit the Region of Valencia and enjoy all its events and activities! Thanks to its nice weather, art, culture, food and wine, sports, amenities for kids and more, the Region of Valencia has something for everyone to love. Want to experience it for yourself? Join us!

The three provinces of the Region of Valencia invite us to live our lives to the fullest. Here, we will keep you informed about all the stylish events happening in the region, from international festivals and important cultural events to major sports games and more.

We want you to visit the Region of Valencia and, most importantly, really experience it. We want you to feel like you’re a part of our community, savour our food and wine and let the flavours of our local cooking explode in your mouth. We also want you to visit unique places with the help of specialized tour guides, to listen to the harmony of our festivals and traditions, to discover all the colors of our landscapes, the smells of our land and feel a unique mix of feelings.

We have plenty of spaces where you can celebrate fairs, conferences, conventions and special events of all kinds. In the same way, you can visit our open-air markets and exhibits and fall in love with the Region of Valencia arts and crafts.

Spread between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains, between the cities and the villages, the Region of Valencia offers all this and more. Visit and you’ll find everything you’re looking for—and we can tell you all about it.

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    Events in the Region of Valencia

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    Discover the history of Levantine rock art and the indelible impact it has left on Castellón, even today.
    Street Art or urban art has become, by its own merits, a cultural claiming phenomenon of artistic expression that seduces more and more people of all ages. The Comunitat Valenciana is a good example since each year it manages to attract a large number of artists to the different festivals of an ephemeral discipline exhibited in walls, garages, or road dividers of some localities.
    Boundless stories and legends surround the Grail. Immerse yourself in this enigmatic world on this walk around València and discover the city’s connection with the famous cup.
    For many tourists, both nationally and internationally, Castellón represents the Mecca in summer music festivals. This year 2018, the 50th anniversary of the Federació de Societats Musicals de la Region of Valencia (FSMCV) is celebrated and, according to the words of its president Pedro Rodríguez, the time has come to break a record.


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