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The Region of Valencia’s gastronomy is an artform that skillfully balances tradition and the avant-garde. Local chefs love to innovate while remaining true to their culinary roots, which dig deep into Mediterranean cuisine. This is a journey full of great produce - found in markets and locally-sourced restaurants - that you won’t want to miss. Start planning your foodie getaway today.

The Region of Valencia has long boasted great gastronomy that reaches beyond the rice dishes and cocas it is perhaps best known for. Here you will find an extensive culinary tradition, fantastic products and the highest-level professionals, making the region a popular destination among foodies around the world.

The professionals working in the sector are a disparate group. Some safeguard time-old recipes while others are working on the cutting-edge of the avant-garde. From small family-run eateries to award-winning restaurants, the Region of Valencia is renowned for its foodie culture.

The brand “L’Exquisit Mediterrani” groups together professionals that though may work in different areas, have one thing in common: an expertise in handling local produce. Their creations are utterly irresistible. The Region of Valencia is also committed to training new talent who know how to get the balance between tradition and innovation just right. 

During your time in the area, we recommend combining wine travel with gastronomic tourism in a journey that will take you on a discovery of timeless recipes and Designation of Origin products. You can also head off in search of innovation at restaurants awarded Michelin stars and Repsol Sols.  

Join us on a discovery of the Region of Valencia’s gastronomy. There are so many dishes and specialities that it would be impossible to list them all. In this post, we therefore thought that we’d put together a selection of some of the dishes and ingredients that best define the region.

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