Alicante City&Beach
Alicante City&Beach
Alicante City&Beach
Alicante City&Beach
Alicante City&Beach
Alicante City&Beach
Alicante City&Beach
Alicante City&Beach
Alicante City&Beach
Alicante City&Beach
Alicante City&Beach
Alicante City&Beach
Alicante City&Beach
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Alicante is a surprising city full of life, contrasts and beauty. Dubbed the “City of Light,” Alicante is one of those idyllic destinations where you can get lost on magical beaches and enjoy exciting experiences with your family.

With more than 3,000 years of history, Alicante is home to historic sites like the Castle of Santa Bárbara. Take a guided tour of its interior and, once you step outside, see stunning panoramic views of the city.

If you are passionate about history, visit the Provincial Archeological Museum MARQ! This iconic site sets an international benchmark for archaeology. Not far away, Casa Carbonell houses ancient textiles made by Alcoy manufacturers during World War I. At Explanada, visitors will find craft stalls and local products available for sale. 

The best way to see Alicante is to walk around and take in its historic influences. The Ayuntamiento de Alicante building surprises visitors with its historic facade, Solomonic columns and two towers. See the city’s Christian influence when you visit La Basílica de Santa María, Concatedral de San Nicolás or Monasterio de Santa Faz. At El Mercado Central, guests will find fresh seafood and local produce from the gardens of Alicante. 

While in Alicante, be sure to visit the precious beaches of Costa Blanca, like San Juan Beach, Almadraba Beach, La Albufereta Beach, Postiguet Beach, Saladares-Urbanova Beach, the iconic island of Tabarca and the coves of Cabo de la Huerta. Finally, since 2016, Aguamarga Beach has become a popular beach to visit with pets.

Every year, Costa Blanca’s beaches earn the prestigious Blue Flag award, which grants beaches international recognition for their quality, services, natural beauty and cleanliness.

And like anywhere in the Region of Valencia, local food is an important part of any trip! In Alicante, a range of varied and complete food is all about the Mediterranean diet. Expect fresh fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables and herbs and traditional recipes like cauldron, olleta from Alicante, cocas or nougats. Rice dishes deserve special recognition here, and they get it with the distinction "Alicante Ciudad del Arroz.”

Wash it all down with good wine from Alicante! The Protected Designation of Origin of Alicante marks a wide range of wines, all special because of the area’s diverse climates and grapes.


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