Are you planning your next getaway? If you need to get out of the routine, organize an extraordinary journey or look for different ideas to make in your spare time, the Region of Valencia is your destination. Endless proposals to make throughout the year with friends, family, or whoever you decide. There is no place for boredom and monotony!

Adventure, gastronomy, culture, nature, rest, health and wellbeing. Everything you can imagine and much more! Become a sailor for a day, climb mountains, discover treasures, be the protagonist of fantastic legends, feel vertigo and adrenaline, observe the most spectacular sunsets, taste the authentic Mediterranean food from the garden and the sea and drink wines. Sounds good?  It will be hard to pick! 

On the “ExpericienciasCV” platform, you have all the necessary information to decide, contact the organization and make the reservation for your next adventure. A single portal with all the tourist and entertainment offerings. Don’t wait anymore! Live your experience in the Region of Valencia!



Be inspired

The Region of Valencia has a rich gastronomy that evolves with the seasons. Discover a list of the best local dishes that are ideal for a hot summer’s day.
Travel back in time as you walk the Route of the Holy Grail and be taken aback by the monuments you will come across on your way to the famous cup.
The history of the Holy Cup is a thrilling adventure that is at times shrouded in mystery. Keep reading to discover how this most venerated of religious objects ended up in the city of València.
See the Region of Valencia through your camera lens and snap colourful sunsets, historic and contemporary architecture, and areas of natural beauty. A photographer’s paradise.



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