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The Region of Valencia is a land of music, artists and festivals. Discover the best of what’s going on.

The Region of Valencia is known around the world for its traditions, beauty, gastronomy and culture. A culture that reaffirms our musical and artistic roots and demonstrates the importance of both on our history. Each and every one of our customs is defined by music, fun and art, transforming the region into a land of festivals where you can really enjoy the music. 

In recent years, our rich and long music tradition has developed into music tourism: a new and increasingly popular way of travelling in which the focus is on music. For young people, festivals which bring together crowds of people to enjoy local, national and international groups and artists are the highlights of the year. 

Festivals in the Region of Valencia 

Festivals are music lovers’ dreams; incredible experiences offering you the opportunity to connect with the live music, jump around with your friends, dance, sing and simply have a great time. Castellón, Valencia and Alicante are the epicentre of festivals in Spain. Each of the areas in these provinces holds dozens of jazz, rock, pop, indie and reggae festivals, proving, year on year, why the Region of Valencia is a landmark where music is concerned. 

Festival de les Arts in València, the world-famous Festival Internacional de Benicasim (FIB), Arenal Sound in Burriana and the famous Low Festival in Benidorm ​​​​​​​are just some of the international festivals held in the Region of Valencia. Each year thousands of people flock here with one sole mission: to live the music to the fullest. 

The great weather, beauty and stunning landscapes mean that outdoor festivals and concerts can be held throughout the year in the Region of Valencia. Excellent opportunities to showcase local artists, composers and groups who are at the beginning of their career. Yet more proof that the Region of Valencia has always been and will continue to be a land of musicians. 

Music groups in the Region of Valencia 

That said, music in the Region of Valencia goes beyond festivals. There are about 2,000 music associations in the region, that is to say bands, orchestras, choirs, big bands, chamber groups and much more. It has been calculated that the Region of Valencia has, on average, over three groups per town or village. A figure that shows just how widespread music is across the region and the importance of valuing and protecting the cultural treasures that are most dear to us. 

Visiting Castellón, Valencia and Alicante therefore becomes synonymous with jumping into the customs, traditions and artistic values of the Region of Valencia. Traditions that cannot be conceived without music and that give you the opportunity to feel, value and fully live the art. So why not take part in the incredible selection of music events in the region and see what the fuss is all about for yourself?


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