Next to the sea, through natural parks, born of poetry and with a great character, we have 5,000 kilometres of trails and a myriad of environments and themes to choose from. There is the possibility of enjoying a pleasant walk or a trip from north to south of the Region of Valencia. Adapt your route to the occasion!

Three categories divide the paths of the Region of Valencia: those of great route, like the GR7 (E-4) that unites in 600 kilometers on foot Castellón and Alicante; the small trails, consisting of a walk of between 10 and 50 kilometers and, finally, some local trails, usually thematic, which are completed in just one day. All these categories are marked so that you enjoy the sights and roads safely.

The scenarios are very varied: cliffs and with views of the sea or wild lands. Enjoy them!

Be inspired

If you think of the Costa Blanca, an image full of light will surely come to mind. But when night falls and the sky dyes reddish, the Levantine coast becomes one of the most beautiful and memorable pictures of your passage through the Mediterranean.
A past linked, above all, to Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, the Cid Campeador. It does not go unnoticed since the elegant rocky ridge of the summit is recognised from a distance.
The province of Castellón hides treasures beyond its beautiful beaches. In its inland areas, there are towns surrounded by rivers, mountains, and valleys; like the town of Cirat, located in the Alt Millars region, at the fertile plain of the Mijares river.
The Natural Park of Carrascal de la Font Roja is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire Region of Valencia. Here, across its 2,200 hectares, you can enjoy hiking trails, pure nature, and some surprises.