Enjoying clear dark skies for astronomical observation activities is possible in the Region of Valencia, as it has certified spaces such as Starlight Tourist Destinations and Starlight Reservation in several towns of Alto Turia, in the region of Los Serranos (Valencia). Also, there are different cities in the interior of Castellón with astronomical observatories.

Aras de los Olmos is a place of great importance for the world of astronomy thanks to the quality of its sky, one of the cleanest in Spain and 100% free of light pollution. It is on its own credit, one of the main enclaves of the Region for the observation of the stars, or what we call astro-tourism.
The Astronomical Observatory of Aras de los Olmos allows visitors to observe the Milky Way through a series of modern telescopes that researchers use for their studies. Learn about the magic of the Universe or immerse yourself in the life and profession of an astronomer.


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The Planetarium of Grao de Castellón was a pioneer in its day within the Region of València. Due to its characteristics, it has established itself as a benchmark in the dissemination of scientific culture.
One of the greatest curiosities of humanity is astronomy. Of all these phenomena, one of the most amazing is a meteor shower. Here you will learn where you can see them in the Region of Valéncia.
When we are planning our holidays, we often think of monuments or cities created by man or beaches where we can relax and, frequently, we are ignoring something that is omnipresent in the human life, something that hides many wonders and surprises: the night sky.
Climbing the Desert de les Palmes will take us to the top of Monte San Miguel. Located at 729 meters high, in the highest place of this Natural Park, is the hermitage and the site better known as the Alto del Bartolo, name of one of the monks of the Order del Carmen.