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Fishing tourism
Fishing tourism
Fishing tourism
Fishing tourism


Ecotourism, active tourism and culinary tourism meet the Mediterranean with fishing tourism, unique experiences that will immerse you in the traditions and daily realities of life at sea in the Region of Valencia.

Fishing tourism will take you on an exploration of our coastline and our culture, specifically the fishing traditions that are still very much alive along our stretch of the Mediterranean. Not only can you visit fish markets, such as that of Cullera, you can wander around seaside districts like El Cabaynal in València and even become a fisherman for the day by hopping aboard a fishing boat.  

What is fishing tourism? 

Fishing tourism will give you an insight into what life is like aboard a professional fishing boat. The experience will teach you everything you want to know about sustainability and open your eyes to the hardships of an important profession carried out on the waters of the Mediterranean. You will join the crew on their outings and try traditional and delicious seafood dishes. 

Fishing tourism in the province of Castellón 

Benicasim, Peñíscola and Castelló de la Plana, including El Grau, are two destinations where you can throw yourself into the local fishing tradition and two ports where you can set sail bright and early to see the fishing equipment, discover customs relating to different fish species and come back to shore with a great catch of the day. You can also sit down to a meal featuring fresh fish and other delicacies caught that day. 

Fishing tourism in the province of Valencia

València’s coastal districts are the place to enjoy fishing tourism. Here experienced guides will take you out fishing for the day, giving you a perspective of the city that not all visitors experience. 

Fishing tourism in the province of Alicante 

Torrevieja, to name but one example, is a great destination for fishing tourism on the Alicante coast. Hop aboard a fishing boat to discover the fish that is traditionally caught in the area. Once back on dry land, head over to the fish market to witness the hustle and bustle and - it goes without saying - try some of the freshly caught fish. 

So what do you think? Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy fishing tourism and experiences that speak of the Region of Valencia’s traditions, culture and gastronomy. 


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