Discover a way of travelling that will make you feel more free, more peaceful, and in greater contact with the natural world. Start preparing your tent, campervan or caravan and spend the night in some incredible places.

Camping on private land in the Region of Valencia is an interesting option for anyone that enjoys rural and nature tourism, landscapes and nature areas, as well as a sense of total privacy. This is a great alternative if you are looking for peace and quiet. Use our searcher to make finding the perfect place to stay as easy as can be.

Camping on private land means parking up your van or setting up your tent on land that is either private property or belongs to public administration. A sign will be used to designate these areas. For a fee, you can set yourself up for the night and enjoy some services (though these may vary). 

The benefits of this type of camping in the Region of Valencia are greater privacy and exclusivity, as they are great places to run away to if you don’t like noise or camping with lots of other people. Another advantage is that you can enjoy much more space than normal. Many of these camping areas offer services like toilets, showers, picnic areas and barbecues: just ask while you are making your booking.

Make sure you know the rules of the camping area of your choice to make sure you respect the owners and find out if you need to book in advance and let them know how many campers there are in your group, etc. Make use of our easy-to-use searcher to find great accommodation options in wonderful destinations in the provinces of Castellón, Valencia and Alicante. 

Camping on private land in the province of Castellón

As you search for places to camp in the Region of Valencia, we recommend discovering destinations in the province of Castellón like Càlig, a hiker’s paradise where the landscape is home to old dry-stone structures. La Serratella is another beautiful municipality where you can wander down charming streets and take photos next to historical wonders like the public wash house and the old ice houses on the outskirts. 

Last, we’d like to invite you to enjoy some camping on private land in San Jorge, another municipality whose essence is still intact and where you can play some golf.

Camping on private land in the province of Valencia

Bocairent is a great option if you’re looking to do some camping somewhere else rather than a campsite in the province of Valencia. This destination has got plenty of surprises up its sleeves, from Els Moros Caves to the great Sant Blai Ice House to the Historic Centre (also known as the medieval district) and the walls, all of which will take you aback. 

Add Ayora to your list to visit great heritage sites as well as Teresa de Cofrentes which has a fascinating urban route that will take you on an exploration of great buildings and areas. 

Camping on private land in the province of Alicante

We’ve now made it to the province of Alicante on our list of places to camp on private land. Sella, which rubs shoulders with Sierra de Aitana, is a beautiful municipality where, with a bit of luck, you can enjoy a game of pilota valenciana. A great activity that you’re sure to love. 

Next up is Novelda, which is home to fascinating historic heritage and a great place of worship, followed by Dolores where you’ll be embraced by the agricultural landscapes that will lull you into a state of relaxation. Find your next spot to go camping on private land using our searcher and start planning your getaway.