Beaches and coves of the Region of Valencia

Beaches and coves

In the Region of Valencia, you will find those beaches and coves you have always dreamed of. From extensive sandy areas to hidden coves, through a wide variety of accessible and naturist beaches with an extremely wide tourist offer. Crystal clear waters and infinite sandy areas that turn a simple bath into an experience full of sensations.

With more than 500 kilometers of coastline, the Region of Valencia has a large number of beaches awarded with the European blue flag, which makes of it the first autonomous region in number of beaches with a blue flag per square kilometer in Spain. No wonder - The variety and quality of the beaches make of the coastline in the Region of Valencia a relevant place in the Mediterranean area. Its beaches and coves are world widely recognized for their natural beauty, good services and the possibility to enjoy them at any time of the year, thanks to a sunny climate almost all year round. What are you waiting for to discover your new favorite beach? In this directory, visit all the beaches and coves in the Region of Valencia.

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From north to south of the province, Castellón has a good number of beaches where naturism lovers can enjoy the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea.
Our pets, especially dogs, are part of the family, and as such, they deserve a space to enjoy and have fun. On canine beaches, they can run, explore, play with sand or stones, take a dip, and most importantly, socialise with other dogs.
La Malvarrosa is one of the most important and visited beaches in the Region of Valencia. It is an urban beach, located on the coast of Valéncia, north of the city's port.
To bid farewell to the year on a beach is to break with the tradition of a formal dinner and wait for the bell strokes of the new year. The proposal is to celebrate the new year in the sand and sea enjoying the sunny Mediterranean.