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If you try to be as environmentally-friendly as possible in your daily life, ecotourism is for you. Discover how you can look after the environment and live enriching experiences during your next getaway to the Region of Valencia.

Ecotourism in the Region of Valencia is a form of rural and nature tourism that has a social, environmental and educational side. Discover everything you need to know to make your trip as sustainable as possible. 

What is ecotourism? 

So what do we mean by the term ecotourism? The Region of Valencia is populated by vast areas of natural beauty that are of environmental significance. The wealth of the plant and wildlife inhabiting our destination will leave you lost for words. 

The activities offered by rural and nature tourism, as well as ecotourism, will enrich your getaway while minimising your impact on the environment. This is a mindful way of travel that leaves you with a full heart. 

Ecotourism pairs perfectly with culinary and wine tourism, giving you the opportunity to discover the delicious and quality products produced in the Region in an eco-conscious way. Guided tours to oil mills, wineries and millennial olive groves will immerse you in our land and the fruits it bears. 

Ecotourism in the Region of Valencia 

This is a destination home to valuable natural landscapes where you can indulge in different types of travel. A place that is not only calling out to be explored and enjoyed, but that also seeks to educate, to tell you about the way things stand, the threats it faces, the conservation projects underway, and rural and sustainable lifestyles. The land becomes the focus of your getaway. 

This type of tourism also values the relationship between the natural world and the local population, as the former is usually a source of wealth for the latter, that is tasked with conserving and looking after it. Traditions are therefore part of the many attractions of this way of travel. 

So how can you enjoy ecotourism in the Region of Valencia? There are plenty of ways, but we’re going to start when it’s still dark, travelling to Serranía de Valencia in search of places where the stars sparkle with an intensity you’ve never seen before. Then, you can make the most of the morning to hike trails that will lead you to areas of great geological interest or follow a guide who will tell you all sorts of interesting facts about the local flora and fauna with activities like birding. And where can you stay? In sustainability-minded accommodation, of course. 

Connect with mother nature, roam incredible natural parks, visit beautiful villages and savour sustainably made products. And become an expert of ecotourism in the Region of Valencia.