Inland areas of the Region of Valencia

Rural Tourism

Green areas, unforgettable landscapes and unique places that will leave a permanent mark. Welcome to the interior of the Region of Valencia!

Walk through every corner of our interior lands and discover authentic gems of our natural and cultural heritage. Coastal plains, gentle hills, fantastic testimonies of our history, charming villages, Mediterranean character, traditional cuisine... You will feel an extraordinary, magical land, full of contrasts and surprisingly mountainous. In addition, you can make excursions and historical itineraries in which you will fall in love with our rich culture and protected areas. Stay in any of our more than 20 parks and nature reserves! Through the different paths and officially approved routes you will arrive at unusual places you had never imagined. A unique fauna and flora to delight nature lovers. Ready for the experience? Do not forget that the interior lands of the Region of Valencia offer you a wide network of rural tourism where you will find all the necessary services for a perfect getaway: variety and quality of accommodation, activities and adventure sports, birdwatching, wine tourism... Everything you can imagine! Live an exciting experience, feel the Mediterranean air and taste years of culinary tradition. You will want to return once and again!



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The caves were places of recollection and mysticism for the ancient man. They became dwellings, sanctuaries, and ritual settings with shamans in Prehistory. Possessors of an ancestral knowledge that keeps beating from its walls thousands of years later. One of the caves with more history of the Region of Valéncia is the Cueva de las Calaveras in Benidoleig, province of Alicante. A must visit to learn our past better.
In the 8th century, the Arabs baptised it as al-Bayda, which means "the White," for the whitish clays of the valley. This region of the interior of Valéncia has more than thirty villages surrounded by mountains, springs, and ravines. But if this region is known for a reason, it is for its textile industry – a long tradition that takes us to the early twentieth century.
A past linked, above all, to Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, the Cid Campeador. It does not go unnoticed since the elegant rocky ridge of the summit is recognised from a distance.
In the province of Alicante, we find a series of hydraulic constructions that are part of the region's history. In the quiet town of Relleu located in the inland areas of the province, are the hydraulic mills that once served to grind cereals and flour.


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