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  • Llíria, Sagunt/Sagunto, València, El Palmar, Cullera, Gandia, Requena, Utiel, Xàtiva, Ontinyent
The spectacular landscapes of the inland meet the Mediterranean flavour of the coast. The province of Valencia offers the very best of both worlds. Discover everything you simply have to visit in five days.

If you want to explore all the wonders of the province of Valencia, you will need to travel the full expanse of the area. From north to south and from east to west, the province is bursting with things to see and do. This five-day itinerary takes you to all the must-visits. Read on to find out all the details. 

What to see in the province of Valencia

Day 1: Sagunto and Llíria

The start of the itinerary is dedicated to the north of the province. Your first stop is at Sagunto, an historic town that will transport you back to the dawn of time. The destination is best known for its Roman legacy and there are a great deal of sights for you to visit, from an impressive castle to the Roman circus and Roman theatre. This amphitheatre is one of the most important Roman sites in the whole of Spain. Sagunto also has a great deal of cultural programmes, including Sagunt a Escena, which will enhance your understanding of the town. 

But beyond history and culture, Sagunto also has great beaches. Puerto de Sagunto, the district of the town that lines the coast, is known for its soft sands and dunes. L’Almardà and Corinto beaches are ideal places to soak up the tranquillity of the Mediterranean and, if you’re feeling more energetic, do some water sports. 

Heading towards the inland, Llíria welcomes you with open arms. The town has a rich historic and cultural heritage that is just waiting to be explored. You can visit the remains of the Arab baths as well as Castellet de Bernabé, an archaeological site. And that’s not to mention the historic centre, which is replete with treasures from the past. 

Llíria is also renowned for its music tradition and is bidding to become a UNESCO City of Music. If you have the opportunity to see a concert by Banda Primitiva and Unión Musical, then do: the experience will immerse you in the authentic sound of the province of Valencia. 

Day 2: València, El Palmar and Albufera natural park

The second day of this itinerary focuses on the joys of the capital of the province and region: València. We recommend starting your day wandering through the historic centre, gazing at architectural masterpieces such as Lonja de la Seda (the silk market), Catedral de València and Torre de Serrano and Torre de Quart (the former city gates). 

You can then take a walk through the old bed of the river Turia, now a lush park, in the direction of the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències (City of Arts and Sciences). Along the way, you will see Palau de la Música and the colourful flowers decorating Puente de las Flores. If you keep on going, you will end up by the sea where you can visit Marina de València and take a stroll along the soft sand of Malvarrosa and El Cabanyal beaches

If you’ve got time, make your way to El Palmar, a charming village sitting just to the south of the city. This is the heartland of Albufera, a natural park defined by a large coastal lagoon where you can take a boat ride and gaze at the mesmerising plant and wildlife. The village is also famed for its traditional cuisine. Make sure you try all i pebre, an authentic dish that will treat your palate to a taste sensation. 

Day 3: Utiel and Requena

Today you will awaken your senses with the tastes and flavours of the inland. Your first stop is Requena, a pretty destination with a long history. Archaeological digs have dated the origins of the town all the way back to the 1st Ice Age in the 7th century BC. Wherever you look, you will see an abundance of history, including in the old town walls

Utiel is the next destination on the itinerary and there is plenty to explore here, from nature and culture to gastronomy. If you love hiking, this is the place for you. The landscapes are nothing short of magical with the course of the river Cabriel, the well-known Hoces and Cuchillos, Chera geological park and the mountainscapes of Sierras del Tejo y Negret and Contreras reservoir. 

After a long day of exploring, the time has come to take a break and savour the flavours of the destination. Utiel-Requena is a designated origin of wine, serving some fine vintages that you can sample with charcuterie and other local produce. An incredible opportunity to live the traditions, customs and flavours of the land. 

Day 4: Cullera and Gandia

On your fourth day in the province of Valencia, you will head back to the coast. Located in Ribera Baixa county, Cullera is a quintessentially Mediterranean seaside town. There are beautiful beaches for you to enjoy here, such as Estany and Cap Blanc, as well as the waters of the river Júcar, which you can explore on a boat ride

With over a hundred protected architectural sites, the historic centre also has plenty to offer.

Casa de la Enseñanza, Casa Consistorial and Mercado Municipal are just some of the points of interest that are worth stopping to take a look at. If you’re in search of a view, you can climb up the rugged hill of the castle and look down at Cullera beneath your feet. 

Continuing down the coastline, you will come to Gandia, a town sitting between a mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea. The old town will transport you back in time with its great architectural buildings that have survived the course of time. Palau Ducal is a case in point and well worth a visit. Make sure you dedicate enough time to take a stroll and soak it all up. 

Gandia also has fine sandy beaches that extend for as far as the eye can see. The perfect place to while away the hours next to the gentle lapping of the Mediterranean. In terms of cuisine, the town is famed for fideuà, a traditional seafood dish that has a great history. Come along to experience it all for yourself. 

Day 5: Xàtiva and Ontinyent

Drawing your exploration of the province to a close, the fifth and final day of this itinerary is dedicated to visiting two inland towns. Xàtiva and Ontinyent are destinations steeped in history and enveloped in beautiful naturescapes. 

Start your exploration in Xàtiva, a town strategically located next to the slopes of a hill topped with an impressive castle. A beautiful sight to behold. We recommend taking a guided tour of the town to discover everything it has to see, including La Seu de los Borgia, Plaza del Mercado and the town museum which displays some great pieces. A great way to make sure you see all the must-visits. 

Ontinyent also has a great deal of history and beautiful landscapes to explore. In the historic centre you will see plenty of nods to the different civilisations that inhabited the town over the years. If you are keen to be close to nature, head to the river Clariano to enjoy its clear waters and the company of your friends and family. If you like hiking, we recommend the routes that go through Barranc dels Tarongers and Paraje del Pou Clar. 

This itinerary will take you to just some of the incredible destinations you can explore in the province of Valencia. From beautiful scenery and amazing beaches to culture, tradition and gastronomy, this is an area that is bursting with experiences. Start planning your getaway to the Region of Valencia and get ready to experience all its wonders.