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Some destinations' reputation precedes them…and Benidorm is one of these. Discover a place where you will find just what you’re looking for – and much more.

Benidorm, in the Costa Blanca, is not a place you visit once. This is a destination whose vibrancy, incredible landscapes and countless things to get up to will have you coming back time and time again. Though best-known for its pristine beaches, sustainable approach to tourism, microclimate and skyline, Benidorm has plenty more wonders up its sleeves. Fancy coming to explore with us?

What to see in Benidorm

The list of leisure, gastronomy and activities on offer in Benidorm is bottomless, giving you the opportunity to enjoy all the experiences you could possibly want, and more. An absolute must is spending some time at the beautiful beaches. The boundless stretches of white sand and clear, peaceful waters of Poniente and Levante beaches are popular choices and have multiple services. If you are looking for a more rugged spot swept up by mother nature, we recommend Tío Ximo Cove which sits on the foothills of Serra Gelada

Serra Gelada is an exceptional natural park defined by incredible biodiversity, cliffs and surprises in the form of watchtowers, namely Morales, Escaletes, Punta de Cavall and Seguró Towers. Benidorm Island is also encompassed by this nature area, beckoning divers and snorkellers to get their heads in the water.

If you’d like to enjoy a view over the island, make your way to Balcón del Mediterráneo, a lovely viewing point in the centre of the destination overlooking the sea. Sitting on the site of the old castle, this is the perfect place to get some great shots.

And that’s not all. Benidorm is a little slice of paradise for cyclists who can roam Serra Gelada and pedal through the town. Take a look at this itinerary to explore the area on two wheels – or however you like – in three days. There are also all sorts of theme parks where you can get your hit of adrenaline and enjoy incredible concerts and festivals. If you like to soak up some history while you’re away, make your way to archaeological sites like Tossal de la Cala.

Lastly, time your getaway to coincide with some of Benidorm’s festivals such as the Re-enactment of the Discovery of La Virgen del Sufragio, which will give you an opportunity to see its more traditional side. Oh, and don’t forget to visit San Jaime Apóstol Parish Church and wander the streets surrounding it, which exude a local, fishing feel. Discover a destination whose welcoming arms are stretched wide open for you. This is not a place that can be described; it is a place to be lived. 


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