Imagine an idyllic landscape, a conversation with the taste of good wine, the smell of the earth and the colours of the vine. Do you fancy a single trip? Practice wine tourism, an unforgettable experience that will make you fall in love from the first second.

The Region of Valencia is a land of great wines: the whites of the Alto Turia and the rosés and reds of Utiel-Requena in the province of Valencia, the sweets of La Marina de Alicante, the ones of the land of Les Useres or Vilafamés in the interior of Castellón etc. Different territories with unique attributes: sun and beaches near the vineyards and diversity of landscapes.
The wine tourism of the Region of Valencia revolves around the wine routes of Alicante, Utiel-Requena and Castellón and La Terra dels Alforins.
Besides, wine and beach tourism is the perfect combination. You will be able to taste wines of excellent quality and international prestige, discover the perfect pairing between wine and local gastronomy and visit natural landscapes of incomparable beauty. Come and enjoy the flavour and aroma of a unique product! 

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Run away to the vineyards in the Region of Valencia and live a gastronomic experience that you’ll cherish in your memories for years to come.
The long weekend this October is the perfect opportunity to do something special. Read our guide to discover the very best culture, countryside, beaches and villages the Region of Valencia has to offer.
Wine, in the province of Alicante, has a significant impact on local Mediterranean cuisine because it gives elegance and pleasure to the typical local dishes. The Regulating Council of the Protected Designation of Origin Vinos de Alicante is responsible for the dissemination of wine tourism. Promotes travelling along Alicante wine routes to enjoy the landscape of the vineyard and visit their wineries.
In the province of Castellón, you can enjoy quality wines comparable to those of any designation of origin. Protected under a seal of quality and grouped by the IGP Protected Geographical Indication "Vins de les Terres de Castelló," you will find fifty different wines produced in Castellón.


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