Visit Ana de Cinctorres to take a look at the site where dinosaur fossils were discovered and then head to the palaeontological museum to see them up close.
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Cretácico inferior, hace 125 millones de años.

Palacio de Santjoans in the centre of Cinctorres. The civil Gothic building once belonged, as its name suggests, to the noble family of Santjoan. The present-day structure dates from the 17th century though the first building on the site was constructed two centuries prior to this.

The ground floor of the Palacio is home to the museum's permanent collection which comprises palaeontological findings that were discovered at Ana de Cinctorres. Discovered in 1998, the site has yielded over 500 fossils. These findings are of great importance and have been studied by researchers in the area. At the museum, you have the opportunity to see some of these pieces up close.

The exhibition is divided into three areas. The first is dedicated to the work carried out by the team of palaeontologists while the second shines the spotlight on the results of their research and the third the study methods they used. You will learn exactly how fossils go from being discovered in a dig to being exhibited as part of a museum collection.

Make your way to Cinctorres tourist information centre to book your visit to the museum and the Ana de Cinctorres site where you can see lifesize replicas of dinosaurs. You will also find information panels that provide an overview of the dinosaur period. This is not one you'll want to miss.