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Christmas in the Region of Valencia, here comes the magic!

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Travel proposals

Haute cuisine at Alfonso Restaurante

In Pinoso, in Alfonso Restaurante, you will find the perfect fusion of typical Alicante cuisine with modern haute cuisine. In addition, they always offer fresh products from the area. Enjoy your meal!

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Hotel Xauen, spa accommodation in Montanejos

Opposite the river Mijares and a step away from the Fuente de Baños spring, the Hotel Xauen stands still. Spa, mountain views and the bikefriendly seal are waiting for you at this establishment in Montanejos.

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Nature activities in the interior of Valencia with Atrévete Aventuras

Atrévete Aventuras allows you to discover the most peculiar landscapes of the interior of the province of Valencia with nature activities such as hiking, canoeing, birding or photographic routes.

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Dozens of webcams have been installed throughout the Region of Valencia in order to allow you to learn more and admire the landscapes of this region from a distance and from the comfort of our webpage. Do you wish to know what a beach is like at any given moment? How many people there are in the town square? Come to us, we are your best set of eyes.

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Get to know us

Simat de la Valldigna

Paradise for hikers. A wide number of routes start from the municipality, such as the Treasures of Simat, the Buixcarró, the climb to the Toro, the old road to Les Foies and the Route of the Monasteries, among others. On the gastronomic side, the Meeting of Monastic Gastronomy is highly recommended.

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Here and Now

Christmas fair in Xixona, countdown for the Christmas season

One more year, hundred exhibitors related to the sector of nougat, pastry, chocolate, Christmas, music and traditions will come together in Xixona at its famous Christmas Fair.

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Christmas plans in the city of València

Christmas is coming and with it, the city of València is full of lights and joy. We will review the obligatory visits on your route through the capital if you are looking for the Christmas spirit. Want to come with us?

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Discover La Vilavella with its free guided tours and educational workshops

Discover the artistic, natural and historical heritage of the municipality of La Vilavella through several free guided tours and didactic workshops for children that will have place until the end of the year.

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